Titans Season Finale Trailer – Batman vs Robin

After telecasting the 10th episode, the Titan’s 11th episode trailer is out now. And It has Batman.

All the episode of Titans has left us with amazement. It is dark, mysterious, and justifies the Batman-Universe.

We have seen “Teen Titans” which was fun in its own way too. However, Titans as created an entirely different persona of these kids with power.

Titans story started around the Rachel Roth (Raven) and her troubles with their father and his followers.

The characters like Beast Boy and Starfire were added as the story moved along. We got to see two Robin’s on the same screen, fighting together.

But the 11th episode trailer took the story to something nobody has imagined. The trailer has significant scenes of Batman and mentions of Joker.

The trailer made it clear that Titans are going against Batman who has gone rogue. And hopefully, we will see Robin vs Batman fight scene too.

We have also noticed, there was something wrong with Jason Todd who was on a wheelchair. And he has a more grim expression than before we saw him meeting the Dick for the first time.

However, we do not see the faces of Batman and Joker in the trailer.

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