Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Out!

The 4th of July. Why everybody is shouting this?

Netflix just put out a trailer for Stranger Things Season 3. Yeah! we are getting it on the 4th of July. Initially, we thought a peculiar day is chosen to release a peculiar series. But now it seems like the Duffer Brothers are quite serious about the fourth of July theme.

Here’s the official Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 trailer:

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

The trailer starts all with happy kids playing a prank on Dustin where Eleven messing with him by operating his toys while his friends stands with her, giggling.

Everybody looked engaged, getting busy in their life and discovering stuff. We also heard Mike saying, “we are not kids anymore”. Guess, they really are not kids anymore.

And in few blinks, things got dark, Bill looking wet (or sweaty) and weird. 4th of July, popping on screen. Some kind of riot happening in support of Hawkins. A carnival or fair. A stranger with gun searching for someone to shoot. Random images of Eleven experiencing upside down. Billy noticing a black scar on his hand. and finally the monster. It is ugly.

Stranger Things Season 3 Monster

Everybody is clearly having hard time adjusting after the events of last season. Some scenes might be the imagination/bad dreams of the characters due what happened.

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So far, the two season were on-spot. They entertained viewers showing stranger things. And 3rd season seem to hold-up to promises too.

However, we can only wait to see whether Stranger Things Season 3 do justice to the franchise (or not).

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