Netflix Dark Season 2 is Ready to Spook us With More Darker Stuff

Netflix is ready to release the season two of the German Sci-Fi series Dark. It’s going to be dark. Netflix has announced the release of second season of Dark, a German science fiction arrangement about time travel, the end of the world, and the frightening things that can occur in the forested areas.

Here’s the link to watch Netflix Dark Season 2 Trailer:

Along with announcement, Netflix has additionally released a trailer as first-look of Dark’s second season. The first season was based on a puzzle including missing children—a riddle that wound up prompting mysteries and uncovers stories around four families in the German town of Winden. Then, things got increasingly confounded because of time travel, and a wormhole situated underneath the nearby atomic power plant.

About the second season, it’s been confirmed that it’ll open with scenes set in 1921 and 2020. A scenes from trailer also suggests involvement of different timelines—June 21, 1954, 1987 and in 2020.

While the secret for Netflix Dark season 2 is dubious, it hints that things are getting darker for the families who’ve been made up for lost time in the wormhole’s web.

We hope to get answers to questions from previous season. Like why Michael executed himself? And why he’s constantly doused in disgusting dark goo when Jonas sees him. Also, what is Father Noah up to?

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Dark season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix on June 21. And for more such updates, stay tuned with Nerd Curry.