Netflix Carmen Sandiego Review: Adventure & Educational

Netflix Carmen Sandiego Review: Netflix dropped a 9-episode series Carmen Sandiego, on 18th January 2019. The series was catching eyes and we decided to review it. It’s an animated series based on a popular character, Carmen Sandiego, already having an animated series in the ’80s. Carmen Sandiego came into the pop culture as a video game. And then adapted as a series.

Here we go, Netflix Carmen Sandiego Review is spoiler free, so, feel free to read ahead.


IMDB: 8.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

What’s Carmen Sandiego Is About?

Carmen Sandiego is a thief (a trained thief) who doesn’t know her past or ancestry. In the series, we saw her looting from the thief and giving it back to people (sounds like peter pan). The series is also educational at times, where we are told facts in between the running show (is this Dora the Explorer?).

Well, it may sound like you have seen and felt a series like Carmen Sandiego. But that’s the good part, it leaves you nostalgic most of the time. And all you can do is admire the series even more.

What Did We Saw In The Season 1 Of Netflix Carmen Sandiego?

The first two episodes of the series “Becoming Carmen Sandiego” is kinda origin story. Meaning, how she reached a point of stealing from thieves (V.I.L.E. to be precise) to giving back to the world.

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After that, it was mostly like an adventure series, where she is after V.I.L.E., and A.C.M.E. is after Carmen. However, you will never feel bored watching it.

During the series, she has 3 companions, Ivy and Zack, a pair of a sibling who was always there to help Carmen. And a white-hat hacker, Player, who helped Carmen to hack into anything (like anything, anywhere, anytime).

Other than that, we saw a number of V.I.L.E. operatives who were stopping the Carmen to sabotage their evil plans. And A.C.M.E. trying to find a connection between Carmen and V.I.L.E.

The last episode of the series was quite fun to watch, though. Carmen discovers a big truth about her past and step near to her question, where did she come from?

Carmen Sandiego

The Final Words

Netflix Carmen Sandiego Review: It’s worth a watch for sure. It has everything, good entertainment requires. It’s not just for kids (mind that).

If we talk about the cast, we have Gina Rodriguez as a voice cast of Carmen. And Finn Wolfhard giving voice to Player.

The title song “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” is going to stick with you for days and you will find yourself humming it.

According to few rumoured statements, Carmen Sandiego Season 2 is coming by the end of this year (2019). Maybe then we will know more about Carmen’s past and other characters like Player, Ivy, and Zack.

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Carmen Sandiego is available on Netflix, stream now. And stay tuned with Nerd Curry for more.