James Gunn’s Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 [Update]

As reported by Cinemablend, James Gunn script for the Guardians of Galaxy will be used even though he’s been fired from the studio. Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 is expected to the first movie after the phase 4 (events of Avengers Endgame).

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige said:

His influence was Guardians. It was Guardians. It was his input on Guardians and the Avengers films, as you’ve seen in Infinity War, and on the Guardians 3 script, which we’re still using. So you’ll see that influence. I think online, sort of the notion of ‘architect across multiple cosmic things’ was slightly blown out of proportion.

It’ll be interesting to see how old script works with new director.

In an interview with the MTV, when asked about the Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 script, Chris Pratt said, “Yeah I have. It’s off the chain. It’s so good. It’s so good.”

Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3: Future

Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 was originally a James Gunn project. He was going to direct the movie. However, due to some inappropriate tweets made into the new, Marvel Studious fired him. Since then, Marvel is looking for an appropriate director for the movie. And the news that James Gunn’s Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 Script is being used gives some hope to the fans that movie is on its way.

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We also heard some rumours that Adam McKay has approached Marvels to make the movie, but there is no official announcement yet. Also, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi says he definitely won’t be directing the film, saying it’s Gunn’s movie, and that it would be awkward for him to take over.

Although, James Gunn is hired to write and direct The Suicide Squad for Warner Brothers, a flick that’s set to be a soft reset for DC’s group of misfits.


Now he is directing the movie too. Yes, James Gunn is directing Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3. The hunt for the new director was going on and Marvel saw the reactions of fans. And decided to put James Gunn back on the project.

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