Game of Thrones S08E02: Things You Missed!

And we got another Game of Thrones episode of the final season.

A bit like episode one, this episode was also about reunions, discussion about past events, and some clues about the upcoming battle. Here are X details you might have missed while watching Game of Thrones S08E02.

Spoilers Ahead!

Winterfell is ready for battle

Winterfell GOT S08E02

During the course of episode 2, you must have notice, everybody preparing for the battle with white walkers. The same is also visible in the opening credits scene of this specific episode.

Jaime’s Arrival

As Jaime arrived at the Winterfell, he was asked questions about his previous mis-doings. He murdered Daenerys father, the mad king. He has significant role in death of Ned Stark. When he was asked, why he abandoned Cersei and joined them in Winterfell. He repeated the words of Brienne in S07E07, “this goes beyond loyalty, this is about survival”.

Jaime and Bran

Jaime and Bran Game of Thrones S08E02

Jaime apologizes for pushing him out of the window of tower, yet Bran says he’s absolutely great and that Jaime’s ‘homicide endeavor’ let Bran go on his vision mission in any case. At the point when Jaime asks whether Bran could attempt to come back to some condition of normality after the war, Bran counters by saying there is no surety of an “after.” The question remains, why Bran didn’t tell on Jaime. All of Winterfell could have watched Drogon smoke Jaime down to finely cooked meat. Whereas, Bran’s response was, “You won’t be able to help us in this fight if I let them murder you first.”

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Sansa and Danny

The two ladies have their own conversation in this episode. Dany confides in Sansa that she desires Tyrion hadn’t trust Cersei. “You never should have either,” Sansa replies. Hmm, seems insulting Tyrion isn’t the approach into Sansa’s heart. Dany decides to undertake a special route by addressing the elephant within the room: Dany loves Jon and she needs to understand why Sansa has difficulty with their love. Sansa doesn’t even recognize that Jon and Dany are connected yet!

“Men do stupid things for women,” Sansa explains. “They’re easily manipulated.”

It’s only Dany makes a joke concerning Jon’s height that when 2 ladies quite hit it off. Things are going therefore well! Jon will finally rest simple knowing that his sister and his aunt-turned-girlfriend-turned-queen are getting best friends. That’s until Sansa asks what Dany’s plans for the North, once she claims the Iron Throne. Ah, well. Not all friendships will last. Even people who simply started.

Ser Brienne

Ser Brienne Game of Thrones S08E02

This episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”, Jaime knighted Brienne — and for the first time in Game of Thrones’ history, Brienne cracked a tearful, joyous smile. Her glorious sword-fighting skills were finally acknowledged, and somebody she respects and seems to like gave her the very best honor of nobility. Sadly, story-wise, this might mean a tragic death for her or Jaime.

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About the Song: Jenny’s Song

One of the foremost curious things regarding the second episode of the season was the inclusion of “Jenny’s Song,” a hymn related to Dany’s, distant relative, Duncan Targaryen, who gave up his claim to the Iron Throne for a girl named Jenny. And leaving the Iron Throne for love is something that Jon might probably do, considering he loves Dany and doesn’t appear significantly excited regarding the Throne. The tragic detail to stay in mind is that Jenny’s song also tells how Duncan died in a fireplace, and the way Jenny dances along with his ghost — a direct indication that each half of Westeros’s dragon-riding match won’t survive.

The Game of Thrones S08E02 was started around Jaime, but provided a lot of hint about the upcoming war. For the time being, Winterfell is in danger.

Here is the teaser of the next episode: Game of Thrones S08E03.

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