Game of Thrones S08E01: Winterfell | Reunion and Revelation

It’s here. Our favorite series is back with its new and final season. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 aired on 14th April 2019. The name of the first episode is ‘Winterfell’ as it showed us Winterfell.

We got to see our favorite show after almost two years. Hence, it was optimal to see a reunion + revelation episode to recap everything and bring the audience to the pace.

Now we are going to discuss the events of the episodes. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, go back.

Spoiler Alert!

The episode started with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen arriving at Winterfell along with Dothraki and Unsullied armies and two Dragons (Rhaegal and Drogon).

Now things have become tense at Winterfell. They don’t like Targaryen and don’t like the fact that Jon Snow is taking the side of Daenerys. The dispute was shown by both Sansa and Arya.

The Reunions

We saw Gendry, Arya and The Hound meeting. There was a conflict but a sense of relief too (thank god! He/She survived). Sansa and Tyrion discussed the events of the day when King Joffrey died.

Euron Greyjoy came back to King’s Landing with the Iron Fleet. Which included 20,000 mercenaries, 2000 horses and‒to Cersei’s disappointment‒zero elephants after crossing the narrow sea.

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Next, we saw, Yara Greyjoy rescued by Theon Greyjoy (Reek). They decided to move back to their home, Iron Island. And further decided to provide shelter to Queen Daenerys if they retreat. As Army of Dead can’t swim and they will be safe there.

Jon Snow rode a dragon and it went well. And there was a sense of acceptance between dragon and Jon, as they were meant to do this.

Samwell Tarly met Daenerys where Jorah told how Sam saved this life from Greyscale. Also, it was revealed that Sam’s family was executed by Daenerys. Sam was sad and ran into Bran. Where Bran told him to tell Jon ‘The Truth’. Without wasting time, Sam went to Winterfell crypts and told Jon about his true father and mother. Also, said that he is the ‘True King of Seven Kingdoms’.

The best reunion was the last scene when Jaime arrived at Winterfell and saw Bran‒the boy he pushed from a tower, years ago‒on his wheelchair waiting for him.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

Plot Twists

As we already saw that Army of Dead has crossed the wall in the last episode of season 7. But there were not seen in this episode.

Game of Thrones GOT S08E01

However, there were other things and plots going on. Like Queen Cersei through Qyburn to tell Bronn to find Jaime and Tyrion and kill them. As a weapon, the crossbow Tyrion used to kill his father was presented to Bronn.

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And Euron Greyjoy got what he wanted, to sleep with the queen (at least one of those things). He even promised Cersei to put a prince in her belly when Cersei was smiling her smile and drinking wine.

Finally, we got our White Walker moment. When Tormund and Beric entered the ruins of the Last Hearth to get li’l Lord Umber. They saw the dismembered body of li’l Lord Umber hanged on a wall, who has turned into a White Walker. As the‒now turned‒Lord Umber screamed, they light it with fire and credits rolled.

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