Future of Marvel after Disney and Fox Deal

A $71.3 billion deal between Disney and Fox is officially set and a new era begins.

On 12:02 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time), Wednesday, March 20, 2019, the merger between Disney and Fox has officially established.

Disney purchased 21st Century Fox right for various films and TV Series. It is said to be biggest media merger after the MGM dissolved in 1980.

While we can accept some changes for our favorite The Simpsons and Alien franchise, the most important question spins around the future of Marvel.

Disney Gets the X-Men and Fantastic Four


Yup! You will be seeing all X-men and Fantastic Four characters along with MCU heroes (and villains).

Since MCU is already trying to bring phase four, a merger can help bring down more character to the universe. A perfect opportunity. Furthermore, we have seen the X-Men franchise is struggling to make their way back to the top superhero movie, this merger deal can actually work them (we will be discussing more later).

Similarly, Fantastic Four is still unable to deliver a good movie yet having so many great characters.

It looks like this merger can actually bring too much to the MCU’s table. However, we are yet to see whether MCU brings them under one universe or not.

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What About Upcoming X-Men Movies?

Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are two upcoming X-men movies releasing this year on 6th June and 1st August, respectively.

These will be last X-Men movies releasing under 20th Century Fox label. As the releasing dates are near, these are movies are being promoted highly. The Dark Phoenix is supposed to conclude the X-Men movies. While New Mutants is determined to add some more mutants.

Then what will be the future of X-Men after this merger? Will the story will continue after the upcoming movies under Disney label? Or Will Marvel reset and create the universe from scratch?

So many questions and only time can answer them.

And Deadpool 3?

Deadpool is another movie from the X-Men universe and 20th Century Fox. So far, Deadpool movies were really successful and fans are looking forward to seeing next Deadpool movies i.e. Deadpool 3.

Rumors say that Deadpool has the least chance to be rebooted. Both previous Deadpool movies made really good numbers on box office, keeping this in mind, Marvel might not want to recast and make changes to a successfully running franchise.


What’s Next?

It will definitely be really cool to see all the Marvel heroes and villains under one umbrella. MCU has accessed all the characters. Not just Marvel, this is going to affect DC’s future as well. How? Well, DC is starting to making movies and marking their place in the movie industry. Whereas Marvel is already really successful here. Now the merger presents the opportunity for Marvel to deliver more movies.

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Due to the comparison between two superhero universe, DC might need to work harder to match the Marvel’s pace.

Finally, we can say the impact may not be immediately clear, but it won’t be too long before mutants and Marvel’s first family are running around the MCU and likely crossing over with each other as well as other MCU stars like Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange.

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