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Disney is a big, popular, and almost a century old name in the entertainment industry. The number of movies produced by it is greater than any other product house.

Here is the list of most awaited Disney Movies 2019 announced as per today (January 1st, 2019):

Captain Marvel (8 March)

What Is It About – This movie is set in 1995 and it is an origin story of Captain Marvel. The Marvel has released two trailer so far. The Story revolves around Captain Marvel handling the war between two powerful alien species.

Why Are We Excited – This will be the first female superhero movie by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, this movie will surely have some hits for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame Movie.

Dumbo (29 March)

What Is It About – Dumbo is a remake of 1941 animated movie of the same name by Disney. It is being remade with a quite similar story as the previous one. Dumbo is the name of an elephant that can fly which is being raised by a circus family.

Why Are We Excited – The previous movie was entirely animated movies. However, the recent trailer released by Disney seems live action movie which will be pretty excited to see.

Avengers: Endgame (26 April)

What Is It About – The previous movie, Avengers: Infinity War, left the audience mesmerized. Everyone is waiting for the closure after the events in the Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame is supposed to provide that.

Why Are We Excited – Avengers: Infinity War broke all the records of the superhero movies and become a blockbuster everywhere. We are excited to what this movie has for us.

Aladdin (24 May)

What Is It About – Another remake by Disney, the previous movie released in 1992 which was an animated movie. It is a story of a street boy named Aladdin who founds a lamp with Genie providing wishes.

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Why Are We Excited – This time we are going to see Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie is live action. Will Smith as Genie.

Dark Phoenix (7 June)

What Is It About – In this movie, we are going to see the Jean Gray as Dark Phoenix which makes it a sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse.

Why Are We Excited – The Disney purchased the Fox, due to which the movie will be released as a Disney Movie. And expectantly, all the X-Men Movies will be released as a Disney Movie too.

Toy Story 4 (21 June)

What Is It About – It is the fourth of the Toy Story franchise. We all like to see these movies from the perspective of the Toys that we have played or are playing (we don’t judge you).

Why Are We Excited – Toy Story has given us only the good movies and this what expected from the upcoming movies as well.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (5 July)

spider-man: far from home

What Is It About – The Marvel has not released any trailer so far. However, according to the rumours, Spider-Man: Far From Home is set up after the events of Avengers: Endgame when Peter Parker goes to Europe for Vacation.

Why Are We Excited – The major spoiler is that Spider-Man is coming back which open the possibility of getting other heroes back too in Avengers: Endgame. Also, it has Mysterio and Vulture.

The Lion King (19 July)

What Is It About – The original movie released in 1994 as an animated movie that won the heart of many. It is still one of the popular movie by Disney.

Why Are We Excited – The trailer might seem like “live action” but it is actually photo-realistic CG. The trailer filled our heart with warmth, we are excited to see what movie has for us.

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The New Mutants (2 August)

What Is It About – Another movie from X-Men Universe having the “New Mutants”. This movie is also by 20th Century Fox which makes it a Disney Movie too.

Why Are We Excited – The New Mutants is a superhero, horror genre movie which will be something new for our entertainment cravings.

Artemis Fowl (9 August)

What Is It About – Artemis Fowl is a science fiction fantasy novel written by Eoin Colfer. Disney has decided to make this movie involving the events of 1st and 2nd novel.

Why Are We Excited – The was quite popular and it is now represented as live-action by Disney.

Frozen 2 (22 November)

Source: Disney Frozen

What Is It About – The first Frozen movie was great in many ways. And the second movie will also have many adventures for us.

Why Are We Excited – We will get to see Anna, Elsa (Our favourite Snow Queen), and Olaf on the screen again.

Star Wars: Episode 9 (19 December)

Star Wars
Source: Star Wars

What Is It About – It is rumored to set after one year after the events of The Last Jedi. The cast will have pretty the same faces as the cast of The Last Jedi too.

Why Are We Excited – Star Wars: Episode 9 is being directed by J. J. Abrams. Also, who doesn’t want to see a Star Wars movie?

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2019 Is Going To Be Awesome!

This list of upcoming Disney movies 2019 is created by Nerd Curry. The year might have more Disney movies. If you have some movies to add to the list then feel free to share.

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