What About Black Mirror Season 5 After Netflix Released Bandersnatch?

We have finally got the Netflix Black Mirror: Bandersnatch which is an interactive film where you get to “Choose Your Own Adventure”.

After the successful release, many fans were confused whether we will get the Black Mirror Season 5 or the Bandersnatch is considered as the fifth series of the franchise.

Black Mirror Season 5 Is On The Way

This is when the TV Editor at BuzzFeed tweeted to freeup the mist building around the news.

We are getting a Black Mirror Season 5 in the year, 2019 which is just around the corner. However, it might have delayed due to the release of the Bandersnatch.

If you have seen the Black Mirror Bandersnatch then you might have the idea that this is a complex piece that must have taken a lot of time and resource to complete.

According to some reports, the upcoming Black Mirror episodes will have the same technology that we have seen in previous episodes. We might be able to see the return some of our favourite technology in Black Mirror Season 5.

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Black Mirror was originally launched by United Kingdom’s Channel 4. It gave us 2 successful seasons and a Christmas special episode. After that, the Netflix purchased the show and provided us the Black Mirror Season 3, 4 and recent addition, Bandersnatch.

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The Black Mirror Teaser That We Got

There are no release dates announced for the Black Mirror Season 5. But we are certain that 2019 will be able to deliver it.

This tweet was the only indication to us by the Black Mirror that the next season is near. It has the description “Be Right Back” and the caption “The future will be brighter than ever.”. All we can do is wait.

Netflix and Black Mirror, both have future plans for the series and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. With there futuristic characters, stories, and technology, Black Mirror continue to woo their fans.

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Image Source: Black Mirror Twitter