Bird Box Creature | Harry Potter Universe Connection

Bird Box released on Netflix on December 2018 and admired by everyone. People even compared the Bird Box with this years release The Quiet Place which seems pretty similar in many ways.

Bird Box is a survival movie starring Sandra Bullock trying to protect her kids and take them to a safe place before anyone gets harmed.

Spoiler Ahead!

If you haven’t seen Bird Box yet then this is your final warning, there are many spoilers ahead.

What Do We Get From Movie?

In Bird Box, we never saw the creature or entity haunting the civilization. However, we have heard from many people saying something once they saw “it”.

Bird Box Creature

As the movie starts, we see various news reporter saying that “people exhibiting psychotic behaviour” and “this does not appear to be pathological or viral”.

This was our first clue for the problem being faced by the people in Bird Box universe.

After that, we heard the sister of Malorie (Sandra Bullock), Shannon (Sarah Paulson) when sees it, she said, “Oh, my God. What the f*** is that?” and then she crashed her car and jumped in front of a truck to commit suicide.

Other than that, we saw a woman trying to help Malorie also says, “Mom, Please don’t go” and then she too commits suicide.

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This time we see that this thing can whisper to people which can only be heard by them. Also, there are many scenes where Malorie and her kids have heard the whisper even when they were blindfolded.

Only the mentally ill people can see “it” and do commit suicide. They were forcing people with blindfolds to remove them and see it by saying, “It’s beautiful”.

After watching the movie, we understand that it brings out the worst fear in people and they commit suicide. Doesn’t it feel like we have heard this before?

Yes, in the Harry Potter Universe, we have Boggarts who is a shapeshifter and nobody has seen it true physical form.

However, Boggarts can be defeated using the spell “Riddikulus”. But in Bird Box, we have seen no defence against the creature.

Bird Box and Harry Potter Connection

Harry Potter Boggart
  • Boggart of harry potter and Bird Box Creature are not seen by anyone.
  • Both bring out the worst fear in people.
  • They have no physical form
  • There is a lot that people do not know or understand about these creatures.

However, there are many differences.

  • Boggart can be defeated, guess, one of the benefits of having the magical world.
  • And for a boggart to take effect you need to see it. But the Bird Box creature can whisper without watching it.
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The Bird Box was based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. At the end of the movie, Malorie was able to take her kids to a safe place with a lot of birds which are warning them whenever the threat is near.

We still have only theories and the internet is full of them. If you have some of your own theories to share, feel free to reach us.

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