Bird Box Book Ending vs Movie Ending

Netflix has announced that the Bird Box has become the movie for Netflix. Its has been reported that 45 millions accounts have seen Bird Box around the globe which makes it a huge success.

A so called Bird Box challenge has also emerged, to which Netflix responded with a tweet saying –

Yeah! It is dangerous. Haven’t you got the idea after watching the movie?

People have discussed in the greater deal about the Bird Box Monster and tried to understand it. Some might have compared Bird Box Creature with the Boggart we have seen in Harry Potter Movies. And now they are comparing the Bird Box Book Ending with the Movie Ending.

All this was going around when the “SFX ATLAS” released on Instagram an image. It has the Bird Box Monster supposed to appear in the movie.

However, it was removed because it wasn’t felt right. The Bird Box star
Sandra Bullock even said that it looked like ” A long fat baby” which was more funny than scary.

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Bird Box Book Ending

Bird Box is also a novel written by Josh Malerman. He debuted as a writer with this novel in 2014.

But the movie was different in many ways than the original book by Josh Malerman. Especially the ending, it was changed to offer a positive ending for the efforts made by Malorie to save her kids.

In the novel, when Malorie reached the Safe House with her kids. She saw that everyone has removed their eyes in order to protect themselves and their children from the creature.

Malorie felt her journey to provide protection to her kids might bring her to nothing as she wasn’t able to do the same to her children. She chose to keep the blindfolds on instead of gouging the eyes out. This is what made the entire journey meaning-less, according to Bird Box Book Ending.

Bird Box is available on the Netflix, you can watch now. And for more updates related to your favourite movies stay tuned with Nerd Curry.