About Us

Welcome to Nerd Curry!

Nerd Curry is packed with all the latest news related to your favourite Movies and TV Series. It feels pretty cool know about the Latest Pop-Culture and to brag in front of your friends, Ain’t it? Well, Nerd Curry is your source for nerdy news.

What is Nerd Curry?

Nerd – Only the coolest people with wittiest minds having all kinds of information required to live a satisfying life. (This is our definition, you won’t find it anywhere on the internet.)

Curry – Asian, Non-Asian, everyone loves curry. It has all the good things, works fine for your gut, and tastes amazing.

Exactly like us, nerds who are loved by everyone.

We try to cover popular genre – Fantasy(Our Favourite), Horror, Comedy, Thriller and everything that you want. We have social media accounts as well, where you can follow us to get the latest updates of every news. Currently, we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and thinking to expand more.